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Decor8 Scotland Ltd

Painting & Decorating

This was a two bedroom flat in Dalgety bay. Property is 7 years old and in good condition.

The customer wanted a new and modern space with plenty of light and a touch of class. A designer had sketched out some ideas and once these were agreed we set to work.

The materials used were Dulux undercoat and satin for the woodwork, Crown white emulsion for the ceilings, Fired Earth emulsion for the walls and Designer wallpaper for the feature wall.

Our remit was to the hallway, both bedrooms & the living room. The customer and designer has agreed on a single colour throughout the spaces and a single feature wall in the living room. 

Once we had completed the ceilings we began to prepare the surfaces to receive a wash coat of emulsion before a 2 coats of the final colour. we did this for two reasons. Once the initial filling had been done to the walls a wash coat would pick out and 'snag filling' still left. This allows us to run the two final colour coats without any flashing (where the emulsion highlights the filler) on the walls.

As you can see even for a new build we take our time and prepare the surfaces properly to ensure you have the smoothest finish possible.

We worked closely with the carpentry team as they were laying a floor and required the skirting to be removed. This meant ensuring we both worked together and within set timescales so as to complete the project on time.

The picture below shows one of the bedrooms in its original state before we started to prepare it.

The next three pictures show the finished project for the customer

Although the ceiling, walls and woodwork were bread and butter for us the wallpaper for the feature wall was anything but.

As you can see the wallpaper is a dark faced with tree design. It is a straight pattern match with a darker tree as the cross over on the joints. It is a standard butt joint system however the lighter tree are made of tiny glass beads. The ceiling had a run off of 2 inches left to right so the paper was slightly angled from plumb to take this into account.

The designer had requested that we affix the paper by pasting the wall however the paper had a non woven backing and this can lead to shrinkage on the wall when drying out. To combat the possibility of the edges showing each run of paper had a charcoal brick run up both edges to hide the white. This did not affect the face of the paper and blended in perfectly.

The customer was delighted with the finish and also with the time and care we had taken to complete his new spaces. So much so in fact that before we had left we had been referred to a local company to complete some work for them.