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Decor8 Scotland Ltd

Painting & Decorating

Wood Street Grangemouth

The remit for this project was quite simple. 'Make our head office look presentable to our customers without costing the earth'. You might think that the statement and project itself was a simple one however when we costed the project we were aware of a large amount of rotten wood and poorly maintained paintwork. The image on the top left gives an indication as the condition of the building, over 60% of the window frames and tounge and groove were rotten and required replacing. However as indicated by the customer we needed to find a budget restricted solution.

First we set about removing the loose and flaking paintwork so we could fully assess the damage. Once this had been done we carefully removed all of the damaged boards and sills from the windows. The new T&G boards were milled to take away the lower back groove to allow us to refit them into position without disturbing the existing boards.

The whole building was belt & hand sanded to remove the rest of the paint and then a coat of Dulux primer was applied. 

The wood was then painted with 2 coats of Dulux Weathershield exterior undercoat and finished with a coat of Dulux Weathershield exterior satin.

The windows, doors, gable tops and canopy were then picked out in the corporate colours. Both ourselves and the customer were delighted with the outcome. The project was completed under their specified budget and as a consequence led to many other jobs.

The finished picture below was taken one year after the project was completed.